Expedited Auto Transport

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What do We Mean by Expedited? 

Naturally, the distance is going to be a significant factor here. To drive between Buffalo and Los Angeles, for example, takes an average of 38 hours in a standard sedan. A truck loaded with cargo can’t travel as fast. Unless you’re willing to pay to fly the car over, there’s a limit to how quickly it can get there.  

When we talk about expedited delivery, we are more often referring to how fast we accept the car for transport. In these cases, the standard courier might, for example, only have an opening in two weeks time.

Expedited shipping means that we find a carrier willing to transport the car immediately. It may also mean finding a carrier ready to go to extraordinary measures to speed up the delivery.


The Normal Process Carriers Follow

Usually, carriers plan trips with their trailers loaded as much as (safely) possible. This enables them to get the maximum return on their journey. It doesn’t really make financial sense for a carrier to travel with a quarter load.

They’ll do it sometimes if there’s no alternative. If they were to do it all the time, though, the company would soon go out of business. They’ll attempt to move a full load on the way there and on the way back.

It’s been a long-standing custom in the transport industry to maximize profits by leasing out excess capacity. A company might, for example, transport their products from Buffalo to Los Angeles. They might then accept a contract from a company wanting to send goods the other way.

This makes their trip there profitable, and also makes the journey back cost-effective.



What do You Mean by Extraordinary Measures? 


That depends on the time crunch and the client’s budget. Some people are willing to pay to have their cars flown to the destination. It’s costly, but it’s also a lot faster than driving. To understand what we mean by extraordinary measures, it’s a good idea to examine the normal process first.



How Can We Speed the Process Up? 

The key factor here is the profit motive. Companies may be willing to arrange special shipping if you’re willing to make up the difference in profit. That, unfortunately, makes this an expensive exercise. 

That said, if you need the job done as quickly as possible, it could be a worthwhile expense. Here are some of the ways that carriers can expedite transport:

With road transport, it could mean creating a shipment especially for your vehicle. That essentially means that we’ll find a carrier who is willing to make a special trip. Costs vary – if the carrier already has a partial load, you might be able to save a little. 

Another option is to get the delivery done as fast as possible. Take that trip from Buffalo to Los Angeles, for example. There are at least 38 hours of driving time there.

A truck driver can legally be asked to work a 14-hour shift. During that shift, he can drive for a maximum of 11 hours. The other three hours can be used to fill up gas and other essential tasks.

The driver must have a 30-minute break every 8 hours. Once the 14-hour shift is complete, the driver must have 10 hours off. 

So, if we had one driver handling the trip from Buffalo to Los Angeles, we’re talking about three different shifts. Essentially, we’re talking about 11 hours of drive time per day. So, while the trip is less than two days end to end, in real terms, it would take closer to four days to accomplish. 

If the company was willing to, they could cut that time by hiring extra drivers. That way, the truck could be driven non-stop. It’s doable if you’re ready to pay for the additional drivers.

Generally speaking, speeding up delivery is only called for in exceptional circumstances. If you can wait, it’s more cost-effective to do so.


Who Might Want a Rush Car Transport?

Naturally, there are times when waiting is not an option. Here are some examples:

  • A demanding client has purchased a new high-end car. In this case, the dealer might find it worthwhile to speed up delivery. It might even be expected by more demanding clients making expensive purchases. 
  • A person with special needs is moving to a new city, or attending training, and so forth. If they drive a modified car, they’re not going to be able to get a matching rental vehicle. If driving themselves is essential, they might want to speed up delivery.
  • You need your car in a hurry for whatever reason. Maybe it’s your lucky car, perhaps it’s a statement car, or perhaps you don’t know how to drive anything else. Some people are willing to pay extra for the convenience of driving their vehicles.
  • Getting the right rental car might be problematic. Say, for example, you’re going to attend a big conference with a lot of attendees. In these situations it is common for people to book their cars and accommodations far in advance. If you don’t, you won’t find anything available to you.

People have different reasons for why they want to speed up delivery. If you need the car transported as fast as possible, give eShip a call. Our vast network of contacts makes us extremely effective in this arena. 

We also operate seven days a week, so you don’t have to wait for a weekday to call on us. We don’t like to boast, but if we can’t arrange this for you, it probably can’t be done.


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