Cheap Auto Shipping: How Much Does It Cost To Ship a Car With Budget Transporter?

Cheap Auto Shipping: How Much Does It Cost To Ship a Car With Budget Transporter?

Every year millions of people relocate within the USA boundaries or elsewhere. Besides their households, they have to transport their vehicle as well. When relocating itself is a stressful task, car shipping may arise other challenges. 

The problems will start from “How to ship your car” and go further to get estimated quotes for shipping your car. If you want hassle-free car shipping quotes, check our Instant Quote Calculator. Do you have more queries regarding the cost of an auto shipping? Let’s check how we do it at Budget Transporter.

The Cost of Car Shipping With Budget Transporter, You Trusted Shipping Partner!

The car shipping price may vary depending on various factors like the vehicle’s value, how far you want to move, what type of services you’re choosing, and so on. While there is a lot to do, you can trust Budget Transporter for affordable and fully insured auto transport services. 

If you need to know the cost of shipping your car, look no further. At Budget Transporter, you can get your car shipped at the lowest price in the industry. Below, take a look at the factors that determine the cost of car shipping.

What Are The Factors That Affect Auto Shipping Rates?

The auto shipping rates are valued after considering various factors. The rates may vary depending on how many factors you’re taking into account. Here are some of those factors. 


  • Type of service: There are two types of shipping services – Open or Enclosed auto shipping. If you want cheap auto shipping, you should go with open transport. However, enclosed shipping is safe.
  • Distance: The far you move, the more you pay.
  • Season: Inflation is evident in the peak season (Summers) between June-August.
  • Vehicle Type or Condition: The cost of a non-running car or old car is comparatively more than a well-working car. 
  • Region: Shipping to and from rural areas may have to pay more than big cities. 


Apart from this, the season majorly impacts the auto shipping cost. The Winter season brings high prices in the Midwest and North to the South, Springs tend to decrease the prices, and at the beginning of March, the price from Florida to other southern states will go up. For more details and cheap auto shipping, you can get in touch with Budget Transporter. 

Shipping from New York to Los Angeles or Miami to Dallas, whether you choose open car shipping or enclosed, be it holidays or season of auto shipping, Budget Transporter will discover the lowest cost for you.

Why Auto Car Shipping Cost May Vary By Company?

The only factor of different auto car shipping companies’ rates is the features they include in their services. Budget Transporter considers overall factors such as insurance, type of service, documentation, etc., and offers the best price with no upfront deposit required.

We use reliable, professional, dependable, fully insured, and bonded carriers and drivers. Whether you want to transport your vehicle to the Southeast or Midwest, Budget Transporter is the only way possible for reliable, qualitative, and cheap auto shipping services.

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