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Here are a couple of our most oftentimes posed inquiries!

This is a great question, and if you ask 15 different companies, you’ll get 15 different answers. There is no “set” amount of necessary lead-time. Whatever you can give is great, but don’t worry if you have to hold off until the last minute, here at Budget Transporter we can get last minute moves picked up as well.
YES. We verify that the carrier that is hired has the proper amount of insurance & the insurance is up to date! This coverage is never an additional cost for our customer! Insurance while auto transporting is mandatory! 

With auto transport, damage is rare, but unfortunately it does happen sometimes. The most important thing to do if there is damage is document all issues on the final bill of lading with the driver at drop off! 

The bill of lading is the report that you and the driver completed together upon pick up. This document establishes any pre-existing damages on the vehicle at the time of pickup. Any damages that occur during the transport of your vehicle will be covered by our Platinum Protection Plan. Upon delivery, if any new damages occur, these damages must be reported on this Bill of Lading! Failure to properly document damages could seriously affect the outcome of a damage claim – we can not stress enough the importance of documenting any and all damages that occurred from pickup to delivery on the Bill of Lading. Once the Bill of Lading is signed, it release the carrier of all liability.

If your vehicle is damaged during transport, our Platinum Protection Plan will cover it! You do not have to worry about paying for a damaged vehicle when you hire Budget Transporter!

The carrier will contact whomever you tell us to contact, whether it is you, a friend, a dealer, etc. Someone simply needs to be present on both ends to sign off on release and or receipt of vehicle, unless arranged with Budget Transport prior. Please speak with your customer service advocate if you have further questions.

As you were informed and educated by our customer service advocates, Budget Transporter is an auto transport broker. Our job is to help amazing people like yourself move vehicles across the country! Budget Transport thrives on delivering vehicles on time and on budget! 
If Budget Transporter failed to find you a carrier for your cheap auto transport in time, then yes we will absolutely refund any deposit made! We did not complete the job. If Budget Transporter has secured a driver for your transport, the deposit is not NON REFUNDABLE as we have done our job to connect car with carrier. If you have additional questions about our process, call us as we only have humans on the other side!
Reliable auto transport is not as easy as it seems. When you are researching for the best priced auto transport, you will get many quotes and they can come in fast if you give your information to the wrong website. 
Let Budget Transporter truly educate you on this  process: When you submit your information to our website, searching for a cheap auto transport quote – our system will calculate an ESTIMATE and send it to your email. These are not hard guarantees. Once the quote has been submitted, our customer service advocates will reach out and discuss your upcoming auto transport needs and the quote you were given. 
Let’s pause there and discuss something important about auto transport quotes: Do not be fooled, carriers and brokers will not move your car for cheap. The price has to be right!
Now if the prices are too low, thats a red flag – if the price is too high, the broker is overcharging. When you get a quote with Budget Transporter, and you discuss the quote with your customer service advocate – you will realize why Budget Transporter is #1 in customer service!
Here at Budget Transporter, honesty is our best policy! When it comes to the “quote” it breaks down into two parts: Broker Fee (deposit) & Carrier Fee (COD). Make no mistake about it, everyone trying to sell you their auto transport service has this price model in place. Some brokers make it seem like they themselves moving the cars, or that they are going to get some magical price to move the car, as long as you pay the large deposit.  Budget Transporter is an honest, upfront, family owned business and believe explaining these things to our customers earns us our repeat business and good reviews.
All auto transport companies, and we mean EVERY auto transport company, auto transport brokers and auto transport carriers, use a site called Central Dispatch. This is the national load board, similar to eBay, to post and find a carrier to accept the vehicles available to transport. When working with a quality company like Budget Transporter,  the main thing you are paying for is ACCESS to this site, and a REPUTABLE CARRIER. ALL auto transport companies use it, and their fees to post your order on it will vary, but the site is the same. Budget Transporter works on your behalf to get the cheapest auto transport with the highest level of customer satisfaction! 

The honest answer is No, all dates given are estimates, unless otherwise arranged with driver, and dispatch. We ask that you give us the earliest possible date you would be willing to release the vehicle to start working on your order. Once you hire Budget Transporter for you auto transport, we will find the right carrier for the route, and put you in direct conversation with the driver! The driver typically calls the afternoon or evening before your vehicle is picked up as well as delivered. The entire time your customer advocate will be informing you about the progress! It is important to understand that drivers are on the road battling traffic, weather, and many other issues that may arise along the journey! All pickup and delivery projections are estimations and can vary from time to time.

If the projected dates we give you come and you are unable to make contact with your carrier, please call our office immediately so that we may help resolve the situation.

The average transit time from pick up to delivery on any vehicle going coast to coast will be between 7-10 days. From either coast to the Midwest averages 3-7 days. From there you can figure your transit time based on how far your vehicle is traveling. This is travel time and does not account for unforeseen issues on the road, or a delayed pickup.
At Budget Transport, we offer both open and enclosed vehicle transport. The majority of cross country moves will be on an 8-10 open air car carrier, the kind that you see new cars on all of the time. The smaller 2-3 car carriers will tend to do shorter, more “localized” shipments. Enclosed trailers are large multi car garages on wheels that offers the highest level of protection with hard sides or soft sides. If you need the best customer service and experience without getting ripped off, get a quote from Budget Transporter!
Yes, we always ask for your specific pickup and delivery addresses, if the carrier can get right to the addresses you provide, they will. However, if the addresses that you provide us are not safely accessible for a car carrier, you will need to make arrangements with the driver to meet at a nearby location where the driver can safely load or unload your vehicle. It is important to discuss your needs and concerns ahead of scheduled pickup day!
Officially, no. I know it is not what you wanted to hear, but that is the honest answer. The car should have around half of a tank of fuel, unless its going to Hawaii then only 1/4, and less than 100 lbs in the car – the carrier is not responsible for the contents within the vehicle. Always remove all valuable before engaging in auto transport – we say this to avoid stress and hassle overall

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We are authorized to expedite the shipment of family products also. You can confirm that by review our permit from the Department of Transportation site, simply enter 735249 in the field close to MC. You can do likewise with some other organization to rapidly see the equivalent, just as see whether they are a transporter or an agent.

You will hear a lot of organizations reveal to you that you can put up to 100 pounds of things in the storage compartment, yet that isn’t completely evident. That reality is that things of that sum are genuinely normal and the division of transportation is likely not going to dwell on silly trifles and fine the driver over things of that sum if they are not over their weight limit.

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