Enclosed Motorcycle Transport

While moving your cruiser between areas, you need to realize that your vehicle has adequate security out and about and during stacking and emptying.

eShip is the main supplier of encased bike transport arrangements. We utilize respectable transporters with phenomenal histories to guarantee that your bike is in proficient hands during travel. Our administrations are accessible to cruiser proprietors and businesses all through the United States. The territories we administration include:

  • Midwest
  • Upper east
  • Southeast
  • Southwest
  • West
  • Gold country
  • Hawaii
  • Puerto Rico

Learn more beneath about the advantages of encased bike delivery. On the off chance that you need to demand a statement, complete our online structure, or dial 1-800-906-6909.

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Enclosed Motorcycle Shipping

motorcycles in container

With enclosed bike transporting, we convey your cruiser in a vehicle with a story, dividers, and rooftop. This delivery choice is ideal for very good quality, costly, or elite bicycles. Sellers regularly lean toward this technique for transportation, particularly when they are sending new cruisers to customers.

Encased bike transporting is the more costly choice to open delivery, however many cruiser proprietors incline toward encased transportation in view of the additional worth. There are two kinds of encased cruiser delivering:

  • Hard side with a pressure-driven lift
  • Soft side with a standard slope

Hard Side with Hydraulic Lift

This kind of encased delivery is ideal for moving very good quality, low-leeway bikes. The hard sides and rooftop offer total insurance against things that can cause harm out and about, including garbage, grime development, soil, dampness, and serious climate.

This alternative likewise includes the utilization of a water-powered lift, which wipes out the danger of harm when the transporter stacks and dumps your cruiser.

At Budget Transporter, we prescribe this choice to every one of our customers. On the off chance that you select the hard side vehicle choice, the odds of you getting your cruiser with soil and street grime on it are non-existent.

Hard Side with Hydraulic Lift

Soft side vehicle is a reasonable option in contrast to hard-side transportation. This type of transport gives better security against the conditions out and about than open cruiser transport. Nonetheless, the restricted insurance that canvases offer is deficient in contrast with hard sides and rooftop.

Coverings have openings in them, and residue and grime can even now enter the trailer and stick to your bike. On the off chance that there is a downpour, water can likewise leak through the openings, which isn’t ideal for significant distance pulls.

In the event that you choose a delicate side vehicle, the transporter will utilize an incline to stack and dump your cruiser. While this strategy for stacking is commonly protected, the ideal technique is a pressure-driven lift, as it altogether lessens the danger of harm.

Advantages over Open Motorcycle Transport

The essential favorable position that encased vehicle has over open cruiser transport is upgraded assurance against serious climate and different things that can harm the bike. For instance, some open trailers don’t have a legitimate ground surface to shield the bike from rocks that can shoot up from underneath.

Encased cruiser transport is ideal for moving over significant distances also. With an encased vehicles, bicycles are not presented to extreme temperature variances, cruel sun, and winds that pull and pull at the vehicle and its attaching systems.

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Budget Transporter for Enclosed Motorcycle Transport

With regards to encased bike transportation, Budget Transporter offers predominant worth and expert client care. As a family-possessed business, we have been dynamic in the business for over ten years. During this time, we’ve set up associations with the most solid transporters, and we’ve procured an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau (BBB.)

Budget Transporter is authorized and fortified by FMCSA MC# 735249 USDOT 2248101, and all the transporters we use are guaranteed and reinforced.

  • The advantages of utilizing Budget Transporter’s encased bike transport administrations include:
  • Accessibility
  • Legit cities and convenient conveyance
  • Security and dependability
  • Budget Transporter Platinum Protection Plan


Budget Transporter is consistently accessible when our customers need us. Our specialists are accessible seven days per week to answer questions and to address customers' interests. We additionally have an actual office in Coconut Creek, Florida.

At the point when you utilize our encased cruiser transport administration, we will appoint you an individual delivery specialist. This operator will be accessible to you seven days per week however long delivery is in progress.

For live admittance to the delivery cycle, you can utilize our vehicle following elements. Vehicle following will permit you to offer input to your customers or do your arranging.

Honest Rates and Timely Delivery

At the point when you demand a statement from Budget Transporter, we will make sure about a driver for your shipment prior to charging you any delivery expenses. Since we quote customers on made sure about transfers, our statements are exact, and customers can make certain of ideal conveyances.

Many vehicle organizations issue cites prior to making sure about drivers for shipment. These statements will in general be very low, and the organization may experience issues appointing a transporter to convey the bike as expected.

Safety and Reliability

Budget Transporter's encased bike transport administrations are sheltered and dependable. The transporters we use are exceptionally proficient. They go the additional mile to guarantee that the burden, transport, and dump your vehicle in a way that kills superfluous dangers of harm.

As a feature of our encased vehicle arrangements, we additionally offer facilitated bike dispatching. In the event that you are managing a period touchy exchange or shipment, we can convey your cruiser quicker than expected.

Budget Transporter Platinum Protection Plan

Budget Transporter has a Budget Transporter Platinum Protection Plan accessible to all encased cruiser transport customers. This arrangement incorporates an assurance that all transporters are completely protected. In the event that your cruiser supports harm on the way and the transporter isn't guaranteed, Budget Transporter will pay for harm fixes.

The Budget Transporter Platinum Protection Plan additionally incorporates a rental repayment of up to $300. Customers are qualified to get a discount if the conveyance is over 48 hours late. The repayment isn't pertinent if the late conveyance is because of the awful climate or a truck breakdown.

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For enclosed cruiser transport by dependable experts, contact Budget Transporter today. You can demand a statement by finishing our online structure. In the event that you need to study our encased vehicle administrations, you can likewise call us straightforwardly at 1-800-906-6909.